The most Complete, Flexible & Professional Tool for Industrial Dosimetry !

Aerode is a database driven dose measuring device developped by  Aerial to control irradiation treatment quality (IQ, OQ, PQ, routine monitoring).

Software package main features

  • totally controls dosimetry equipments (settings of equipment’s parameters, readings, storage of data, DBase, SQL, Excel,…
  • performs dosimetry system calibration, single or strip measurements, graphics, uncertainties
  • PQ (Product Validation)
    loading pattern, plans definition, report edition…
  • performs equipment verifications (absorbance, wavelength, thickness) needed to certify the absorbed dose measurements
  • customized to client specific requirements

Suited for use with all optical dosimeters available

Aerode is designed to perfectly integrate your plant network.

accredition n°2-1564
scope available on
accredition n°1-1883
scope available on www.cofrac.fr
accredition n°1-1883
scope available on www.cofrac.fr

Software is validated and meets all quality assurance requirements according to FDA 21 CFR part 11, ISO, EN, ISO/ASTM… guidance or standards.


Florent Kuntz

Florent Kuntz

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