Irradiated food product detections

Aerial has both human and technological resources to carry out all kinds of detection of irradiated food products

Vapor Phase Chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry on lipid containing food product

(hydrocarbons or 2-alkylcyclobutanols)

ESR on bones, cellulose,

ESR on bones, cellulose, crystalline sugars or fish bones containing food products

Thermoluminescence on silicated minerals extracted from food products

Bacteriological analysis

Radiosensivity bacteria, bioburden comparison with DEFT/GAM
Cellular micro electrophoreses

AERIAL is approved by DGCCRF for irradiated food product detection.

Implemented tools

    • Vapour Phase Chromatograph (VPC) with mass spectrometer (VPC-MS)
    • 2D optical picture analyser (optical bench, CCD camera, Softwares,…)
    • Electron Spin Resonance equipments (ECS 106 Bruker spectrometer, MS200 Magnettech spectrometer, Balance, softwares,…)
    • Thermoluminometer

Zoom sur la législation européenn

EU countries must use validated or standardised analytical methods to detect irradiated foods.


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