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Who are we?

Founded in 1985, Aérial - Technology Resource Centre and Technical Institute for Food Industry- started its activities with applied research programs on food irradiation (shelf life enhancement, elimination of pathogens, detection of irradiated foods).

In the early nineties, Aérial diversified its activities in two fields:

  • applications of radiation processing in various fields

  • safety and quality in food processing

  • Since January 2005 Aérial offers new services to the bioindustry in the field of freeze-drying.

    In order to meet all these diversified industrial requirements, Aérial has an experimental irradiation facility with electron accelerator and 5 highly capable laboratories (a dosimetry lab, a microbiology lab, a physical-chemistry lab, a sensory analysis lab and an experimental freeze drying lab).

    Aérial's Research and Development studies are conducted with universities, research centres and industrial companies.

    Our main partners are the Regional Council of Alsace, the French Ministry of Research and Technology and the French Ministry of Agriculture.

    Aérial due to its various and complementary competences presents a unique and original offer for technology transfer to a large scale of industries..