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Deontology and confidentiality

1) Our activity is composed of services adapted to each case and to each customer. For this purpose, we take the engagement to do everyting possible to reach fixed objectives. Our services are very professional and answer demands and needs of our customer but they should in no way make unfair competition to private enterprises.

2) For those of our services following defined procedures, we take the engagement to reach announced objectives. What ever the type of service, definition of global cost is necessary for writing our proposal. In case of personalised service, detailed proposal is systematically written.

3) We take the engagement to devote a large part of our activity to propose technological resources to SMEs.

4) We take the engagement to have human competences and experience to perform studies you may order.

5) We take the engagement to provide our customer with services respecting the level of quality and professionalism we always had.

6) If we are unable to answer by our self to our customer’s need, we take the engagement not to leave him helpless ; we will address him to partners having technological competences adapted to his needs.

7) We take the engagement to keep secret the object of customer’s study, works and results, unless he would authorise us to diffuse these information. A contract should also be written to define rules of repartition and payment of intellectual property resulting from collaborative work.

8) We take the engagement to confidentially treat all information we could have about our customers, even in case there would not be specific confidentiality agreement unless the customer would authorise use to diffuse these information.

9) We take the engagement to have internal confidentiality agreement signed by each employee working on projects.

10) We take the engagement to renew and enrich our technological knowledge with research laboratories and technological networks, so that we could allways provide our customers with up to date competences.