Au service des entreprises, en particulier des PME/PMI, nous : Développons de nouvelles connaissances scientifiques et techniques Etudions, qualifions, validons de nouveaux procédés et des technologies industrielles innovantes. Aidons à



Au service des entreprises, en particulier des PME/PMI, nous : 
Développons de nouvelles connaissances scientifiques et techniques
Etudions, qualifions, validons de nouveaux procédés et des technologies industrielles innovantes.
Aidons à la maîtrise de la qualité des produits et des procédés.
Formons, conseillons ...

Doctoral position

PhD project title

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) study of the physico-chemical modifications related to the characteristics of raw materials and transformation processes of foodstuffs: case of coffee beans from Coffea L.


 The project aims at investigating the influence of (1) the variability of the seeds from Coffea L. tree and (2) heat treatment processes (in particular roasting) on the physico-chemical composition of coffee beans and resultant drink after physical division (grinding). It consists in exploring and comparing the capacity of different high resolution NMR approaches to monitor the evolution of coffee composition and identify potential correlations between particular NMR signals and some characteristics of this composition. The ascertained correlations will serve, on the one hand, to identify the reaction mechanisms involved in roasting, on the other hand to optimize manufacturing processes and control product quality.

Candidate’s qualifications and skills

Holding a Master’s degree, the candidate must have significant hands-on knowledge of analytical chemistry techniques and show particular interest in data analysis and calculation. A preliminary knowledge of NMR would also be appreciated. More generally, the applicant will have to be fluent in English and show good capacity of adaptation and communication. This implies scientific rigour, organization skills, ability to work in a team, think critically, synthesize, and make proposals.

Host laboratories

- Aérial , Institut Technique Agro Industriel, 250 rue Laurent Fries, 67412 Illkirch

- Groupe de Gastronomie Moléculaire - Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique - UMR 1145 Ingénierie Procédés Aliment GENIAL - Institut des sciences et industries du vivant et de l'environnement (AgroParisTech), 16 rue Claude Bernard, 75005 Paris


3-year position according to the CIFRE framework (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche,, in both hosting structures, alternately.


Please send a CV and a covering letter to Erwann Hamon ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) until May, 15th 2016.


Deontology and confidentiality

1) Our activity is composed of services adapted to each case and to each customer. For this purpose, we take the engagement to do everyting possible to reach fixed objectives. Our services are very professional and answer demands and needs of our customer but they should in no way make unfair competition to private enterprises.

2) For those of our services following defined procedures, we take the engagement to reach announced objectives. What ever the type of service, definition of global cost is necessary for writing our proposal. In case of personalised service, detailed proposal is systematically written.

3) We take the engagement to devote a large part of our activity to propose technological resources to SMEs.

4) We take the engagement to have human competences and experience to perform studies you may order.

5) We take the engagement to provide our customer with services respecting the level of quality and professionalism we always had.

6) If we are unable to answer by our self to our customer’s need, we take the engagement not to leave him helpless ; we will address him to partners having technological competences adapted to his needs.

7) We take the engagement to keep secret the object of customer’s study, works and results, unless he would authorise us to diffuse these information. A contract should also be written to define rules of repartition and payment of intellectual property resulting from collaborative work.

8) We take the engagement to confidentially treat all information we could have about our customers, even in case there would not be specific confidentiality agreement unless the customer would authorise use to diffuse these information.

9) We take the engagement to have internal confidentiality agreement signed by each employee working on projects.

10) We take the engagement to renew and enrich our technological knowledge with research laboratories and technological networks, so that we could allways provide our customers with up to date competences.


Aerial is a qualified ITAI -Technical Institute for food industry. This label recognizes the general interest tasks of Aérial at national level. Standard of excellence to the economic actors and research, it also gives European visibility.



The recognition procedure of Resource Technology Centre was established in 1996 jointly by the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry. It aims to provide SMEs guarantee that the technological structure is able to provide appropriate responses and quality in providing technological tailor-made.


Approval DGCCRF

Irradiated  food product detection

Founded in 1985, Aérial - Technology Resource Centre and Technical Institute for Food Industry- started its activities with applied research programs on food irradiation (shelf life enhancement, elimination of pathogens, detection of irradiated foods).

In the early nineties, Aérial diversified its activities in two fields:

  • applications of radiation processing in various fields

  • safety and quality in food processing

  • Since January 2005 Aérial offers new services to the bioindustry in the field of freeze-drying.

    In order to meet all these diversified industrial requirements, Aérial has an experimental irradiation facility with electron accelerator and 5 highly capable laboratories (a dosimetry lab, a microbiology lab, a physical-chemistry lab, a sensory analysis lab and an experimental freeze drying lab).

    Aérial's Research and Development studies are conducted with universities, research centres and industrial companies.

    Our main partners are the Regional Council of Alsace, the French Ministry of Research and Technology and the French Ministry of Agriculture.

    Aérial due to its various and complementary competences presents a unique and original offer for technology transfer to a large scale of industries..


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Our goals for the industry are :

  • To anticipate tomorrow's industrial problems by conducting Research and Development studies
  • To develop new scientific and technical know-how.
  • To help all companies in their innovation projects
  • To study, qualify and validate new processes and innovative industrial technologies
  • To help process and product quality management
  • To train and advise