Excellence Centre for radiation processing

For R&D and training

4 experimental irradiation facilities

  • High energy E-beam and X-rays (feerix)
  • Medium energy E-beam and X-rays
  • Low energy E-beam
  • Low energy X-rays

An accredited high dose dosimetry lab

Alanine transfer dosimetry system
EPR spectrometers, optical spectrophotometers, calorimetry, …

accredition n°2-1564scope available onwww.cofrac.fr
accredition n°2-1564scope available onwww.cofrac.fr

Services provided

R&D, studies, tests, expertise and validation for all radiation processing applications (sterilization of medical devices, material properties improvements, food irradiation, cultural heritage conservation, environmental applications …)

Initial and advanced training in irradiation techniques, applications of radiation processing, process control, dosimetry, medical device sterilization validation…

AERIAL is an open platform for international collaborative research and training.

High energy E-beam and X-rays

Based on cutting-edge technologies in electron acceleration and high-energy X-rays generation, this equipment will make it possible to study, on two separate beam lines, existing and novel applications of radiation processing.

Cutting edge technologies

Electron beam line

10 MeV parallel vertical beam

X-rays lines

5 MV and 7 MV horizontal beam

Maximum power

100 KW

Aerial complementary irradiation facilities

Van De Graaff accelerator, E-Beam and X-rays
0.5 MV up to 2.5 MV, 0.3 kW with sample conveyor.
Low energy electron beam facility
80 keV up to 300 keV, 5 kW
Low energy X-ray cabinet
10 kV up to 100 kV, 3 kW

On site laboratories for multidisciplinary applications


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Physical chemistry

Sensory evaluation

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Florent Kuntz

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