Many pharmaceutical preparations, including injectables and parenterals, are lyophilized to maintain their physical integrity and biological activity during storage.

Coupled with Aerial’s other skills, the experimental freeze-drying laboratory completes the offer offered to bio-industries. The Louis REY freeze-drying laboratory is specialized in the formulation and development of freeze-drying recipes for therapeutic and diagnostic products

Our activities


Implementation of an optimized approach, Study of interactions and optimization

Thermal characterization of pre-lyophilization formulations

Determination of critical formulation temperatures (total solidification temperature, glass transition temperature, eutectic temperature, collapse temperature)

Freeze-drying process:

development and optimization of freeze-drying recipes, scale-up

Characterization of lyophilisates

residual moisture, stability, Container/content interactions, etc.

Radiosterilization of freeze-dried products

irradiation by Gamma, X or electron beam radiation; application of current international standards for the validation of the sterilization dose.

Inter- and intra-company theoretical and practical training

Expertise and technical and scientific assistance

Our resources

  • Freeze-dryer pilot in ISO7 environment (Telstar Lyobeta 25)
  • Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and lyomicroscope equipment, BET
  • Other Aerial associated laboratories: microbiology, physico-chemistry, dosimetry, etc.

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Project Manager

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