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Louis REY's experimental Freeze-Drying laboratory has been transferred to Aérial in January 2005. This laboratory is specialized in the study of freeze drying processes for the bio industry. Coupled with other skills of Aérial, the experimental laboratory of lyophilization, complete the offer to bio industries for the development of active and sensitive products as well as for studying their suitability for preservation and sterilization.

By removing more than 95% of water without altering their basic properties, freeze-drying will preserve biomaterials and perfectly stabilizing their active ingredients.



Problems you can face in Freeze Drying :

  • Poor or variable efficiency on lyophilisation
  • Product collapse during drying
  • Stability problems after lyophilisation
  • Product variability after lyophilisation
  • Slow reconstitution after lyophilisation
  • Problems with the formulation
  • A drying cycle which does not work for a modified product
  • Problems with current drying cycle requiring improvement
  • Product Sterility issues
  • Limited technical support

You Need :

  • Process development
  • Formulation development
  • A change of presentation fill volume or the container geometry
  • Documentary evidence of cycle development for regulatory purposes
  • A better understanding of your freeze-drying
  • Freeze Drying/Radiation Sterilisation validation
  • DTA, FDM or moisture analysis

Our expertises :

To analyse the low temperature behaviour of a product in order to establish its optimal freeze-drying cycle. Specific methods are used:

  • Differential Thermal Analysis
  • Thermo-electrical Analysis
  • Cristallization Speed

To characterize the final dry product through the evaluation of :

  • Specific surface ( BET method)
  • Residual humidity ( non-destructive method).

To combine freeze-drying and irradiation techniques in order to guarantee the sterility of the freeze dried drugs or injectable vaccines :

  • Gamma, electron beam or X Ray treatment;
  • International standards implementation for the sterilization dose setting.
  • Implemented tools

Experimental Freeze-Drying laboratory :

  • Pilot Freeze-Dryers (Telstar Lyobeta 25, Serail)
  • BET
  • DTA/impedance device
  • Freeze-Drying Microscope