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A dedicated tool for Quality Assurance in Dosimetry for radiation processing.

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A dosimetric analysis equipment was developed by Aérial in order to contributed to the quality control in the irradiation field. This equipment allows automatic measurement and control of the dose. It is controlled by computer and allows the measurement of the dose from alanine tablets in few seconds.

Basic instrument

The system is composed of the Aer'EDE software (Validated and Compliant FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 11137, ...), an EPR spectrometer, MS 5000 (Magnettech, Germany) and a computer. The Aer'EDE software totally controls the spectrometer to ensure automatic setting of the measuring parameter (central magnetic field, scanwidth, scan duration, number of scans, Modulation amplitude,...).

User registration

The access to the different software functions for each user can be configurated in the general parameter section.
Each user has his own password and his own security level (Right limited to measurement of dose, the right to modify the calibration parameters, access to the database, instruments control ...).

The logbook, automatically generates, traces all actions performed by user (operator, type of action, date, time...).

Calibration of the dosimetry system (Regression Model)

The calibration curve changes significantly depending on the type and the batch of the dosimeter used (ISO/ASTM 51261).

With the readout equipments the Aer'ODE software and a batch of irradiated dosimeters (at doses known), the user can easily determine the calibration curve.
The software determines the best regression curve with F-ratio , R2 and Residual criteria according to ISO/ASTM 51707. The calibration parameters are stored directly in the database and are available for routine doses measurement without transcription errors.

Routine dose measurement

Routine dose measurement are perform in manual mode or using the EPR robot (Tablets or films.

Stability of the EPR spectrometer is checked before each series of measurements thanks to a reference dosimeter (irradiated at a known dose). The serial interface controls measurements parameter sent to the spectrometer and directly reads the EPR signal (Peak to peak height). The response is calculated by the Aer'EDE software, then converted into absorbed dose by mean of the calibration curve previously stored in the database.

Data Storage

Following the operator's instructions, the analysis results are stored into the data base. This type of storage gives rapid and reliable access to the data saved at each level of the control systems (calibration, dose measurements, and instrument checks). In addition, data can be directly transferred to spreadsheets software like Excel or linked to a database (eg: Access) to perform additional paper work. A printer then issues the forms necessary for interpretation and storage of information. The files can be opened under Access or Excel.


It is important to note that the use of this device is characterized by a great flexibility. Moreover, Aérial can adapt the Aer'EDE software to the specific needs, requirements and readout instruments of the customer.

Efficiency - Reliability

The principle of the Aer'EDE system is a major contribution to the efficient control of dosimetry in an irradiation plant.

Being fully automatic PC controlled, the system is time saving and reduces quite significantly the risk of dosimeter reading errors. In addition, it is also possible to integrate it into the global control system of a radiation plant.

Quality assurance

Finally, the use of Aer'EDE, measuring equipment validated dose in accordance with requirement of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 11137, EN 552... largely contribute to quality requirement in the irradiation field . In this context, quality assurance specifications are provided with each analysis system so as to carry out the specified tests on a regular basis and ensure its good working condition.