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The CRITTs of Alsace

The CRITTs of Alsace

The CRITTs of Alsace are a joint force serving innovation and technological progress:

140 people including 65 doctors and engineers

Partnerships with more that 1200 businesses/year

Contracts for more than10 M€ /year

Fully integrated in the regional innovation infrastructure, the CRITTs of Alsace actively collaborate in projects from numerous industrial fields. Taken together, they make up a vaste reservoir of skills and know-how. Well-known at both a national and an international scale, their work shows not only their dynamic approach but also the human and material resources that they make available for businesses, in particular SMEs.


Why call on the CRITTs of Alsace ?

At the origins of innovation and leaders in their fields, the CRITTs of Alsace offer businesses a technological and scientific service aligned with their projects. Partners of choice for all innovative businesses, the CRITTs base their services on fully targeted support:

  • Research & Development
  • Study
  • Expertise
  • Technical assistance
  • Training
  • Prototypes
  • Pilot production...

Download : The CRITTs of Alsace brochure

Aérial - The best dose of innovation



The main purpose of Cetim-Cermat is to provide adapted solutions to industries with different needs in the following fields of competence :

  • Evaluating or analysing defects related to metals and polymers
  • Analysing defects due to corrosion
  • Accurately characterising materials and surfaces
  • Automobile tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Climatic tests
  • Metrology
  • Special tests

Cetim-Cermat is a CRITT in advanced mechanics whose vocation is to help businesses develop their competitiveness in approach consisting of continuous technology progress. It also takes part in innovation, notably in the field of intelligent materials and collaborates with regional and national research organisms. It is also a member of the competition hub "vehicle of the future".


Pascal Gadacz
Responsable commercial
21, rue de Chemnitz
BP 2278 - 68068 Mulhouse Cedex
Tél : + 33 3 89 32 72 20
Fax :+ 33 3 89 59 97 87
Website :

CRITT Matériaux Alsace

CRITT Matériaux Alsace develops scientific methods in partnership with businesses in all sectors of industries, so as to get a better understanding of their material: from product design and improvement as far as production control.

Whether it's question of researching and developing innovative materials, of assessing or characterizing materials, of training and consultation, this laboratory does all it can to respond effectively to the problem of businesses.

The know-how of CRITT Matériaux d'Alsace is based on the skills of a team of 24 people, its own analytical laboratories and pilot scale workshops.

Claude Richard - Directeur
19, rue de St Junien
BP 23
67305 Schiltigheim cedex
Tél : + 33 3 88 19 15 10
Fax: + 33 3 88 19 15 14
Website :


HOLO3 is a Centre for Technology Transfer specialized in optical and image techniques. Its vocation is to develop and supply industries with innovative optical means that stem from Research Laboratories. Offered services :

  • Advice and training
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Tests available on request
  • Laboratory measurements or measurements on site
  • R&D partnership
  • Technical aid/ advice

HOLO3 is accredited with "credit tax research" and approved by the Ministry of Research and Technology, by the Alsace region and the FSE. HOLO3 is a member of the RTA and can therefore guide businesses to meet the right partner for technical aid or to devise a procedure to help innovate.

Jessica PONS
7 rue du Général Cassagnou
68 300 Saint Louis
Tel : + 33 3 89 69 82 08
Fax :+ 33 3 89 67 74 06
Website :


IREPA LASER is a Technology Transfer Centre specialized in material laser treatment. Located in the Innovation Park, it benefits from an environment of state-of-the-art technology, thanks to the support provided by the Alsace Region and the State.

In France, IREPA LASER plays a major part in promotion and laser technology development for businesses. Industrial applications such as cutting, drilling, marking, welding, surface treatment (recharging, cleaning, surface preparing), micro-manufacturing, are all part of the fields of competence they emphasize.

Guiding businesses through the procedure of acquiring a laser tool thanks to laser engineering, ongoing and initial training for laser procedures and laser safety are part of its activities.

Jean-Paul Gaufillet - Directeur
Pôle API, Parc d'Innovation
67400 Illkirch
Tel : +33 3 88 65 54 00
Fax :+33 3 88 65 54 01
Website :


RITTMO is a CRITT that was founded on the initiative of experts in Alsace, specialized in "organic fertilization". Its purpose is to endorse and technically lead the development of this industry, whilst continually maintaining respect for the environment and ensuring the quality of agricultural production.

Offered services :

  • Guidance for businesses
  • Tool development
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Advice and contact bridging
  • Expertise

RITTMO is standardized by the ANFOR commission and supported by the Alsace region, the Direction Générale de l'Alimentation, the ADEME and the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Laure METZGER - Directrice
37 rue de Herrlisheim
68000 COLMAR
Tél : 03 89 80 47 00
Fax : 03 89 21 16 70
Website :
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