Sensory analysis

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to find the best suitability between consumers taste and products sensory properties.

Compliance with consumer taste

  • Product positioning on competitive market
  • Interaction between sensory aspects and consumer choices
  • Prospective study for new product design
  • Market evaluation and segmentation using sensory criteria

Product organoleptic quality tracking

  • Tracking parameter definition
  • Specific sensory characteristics determination for each product (characterization)
  • Raw material and final product conformity tracking
  • Organoleptic changes following raw material, process or aging modifications
Aerial’s sensory analysis lab is accredited by COFRAC Essais Accreditation n° 1-1833
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Aerial  is autorised by the INAO  (Institut national de l’Origine et de la Qualité) for the organoleptic control of food products under the “Label Rouge”