A compact tool for IQ/OQ/PQ purposes for your research

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Dos’ASAP is a PC controlled dosimetry equipment for CTA dosimeter readout. Its control software is data base driven and compliant with relevant standards (ISO/ASTM 51649, 51650,51261, ISO 11137-3,...) and FDA CFR 21 part 11.

Main features of the software package:


Dosimetry system calibration (readout of calibration CTA strips, curve fitting, residual and uncertainty calculations)


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• Photon and Electron Beam absorbed dose profile measurement (strip length from 5 cm to 12 m) for dose uniformity estimation in user selected Region Of Interests (ROI)

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• Electron Beam energy determination with wedge technique according to ISO/ASTM 51649 









• Electron Beam scan width, scan length and scanning uniformity assessment






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